Welcome to CompChain

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What if you could have complete ownership of your downline? What if you could prove the size and activity of your team, or had guaranteed accurate commissions? And what if you could build your network ONCE, and have it live on forever?

Welcome to CompChain

Designed as the world’s first blockchain created specifically for networking, Compchain is putting the power into the hands of the entrepreneur, giving you the chance to earn, grow, and run your personal business in a completely revolutionary way.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has the power to make information completely secure, transparent, and decentralized, giving each user the ownership and autonomy they deserve.

By putting power back in the hands of the user, blockchain enables entrepreneurs to grow at their own pace, be paid in a fair and transparent environment, and lock in their team for life. In turn, Compchain eliminates some common pitfalls of the network marketing space, including fraud, withheld commissions, and cross-recruiting.

Through the power of blockchain, CompChain is about to transform the world of marketing as we know it– and Nui has a front row seat.

Benefits of CompChain

What do you have to gain by jumping into CompChain? We’ll sum it up for you:

Your Network is Yours. Regardless of the status of your company or government regulation, your network lives on in an immutable blockchain that can never be altered or shut down. By purchasing a node, CompChain gives you the first ever solidified legal record of your downline, allowing you to prove both the size and activity of your team.

Commissions are transparent. How do you know you’re getting paid what you deserve? While many companies hide their commissions, and may only pay a portion of the whole, CompChain displays all commissions in a completely transparent environment, so you can be sure you’re earning every commission, every time.

Build One and You’re Done. Sick of rebuilding every time you take on a new opportunity? With CompChain, you’ll only do it once. After your network is in place, present it with any unique opportunities, products, or applications you see fit, so you can make money YOUR way.

Verification from A-Z. Blockchain has the power to verify everything from your personal contacts to their activity, and even the product offerings you choose to share. No longer can your personal contacts be stolen, switched, or removed from your network, and gone are the days when you could risk selling something that doesn’t exist! Let CompChain do the verifying for you, to make sure your contacts and the products you offer are completely transparent and secure.

Nui Gets in First

As a Nui member, you receive unique opportunities as a participant in Compchain. Build your frontline on Compchain’s unilevel structure to an infinite width and up to 10 tiers deep, then lock it in for life with unalterable blockchain technology. From there, sit back as Compchain continues to evolve and offer new opportunities to you as one of its earliest adopters.

The CompChain Vision

Compchain has the power to transform affiliate marketing on a global scale. The only question is… will you take your chance to get in from the beginning? Your future with Compchain involves a 2-step integration, with each step offering deeper opportunity for the entrepreneur.

Step 1: Join It

With a simple one-time purchase, validate your identity, buy your Compchain “block”, and gain full access to the Compchain software.

Step 2: Monetize It

Monetize your network as product providers and distributors give you exclusive access to sell their products to your frontline.

As Compchain continues to grow, so will your potential. With millions of network marketers worldwide, don’t miss your chance to get in from the beginning, to take full advantage of opportunities coming in the near future.

Take a Chance to Get in Now!

As part of their new promo, Compchain is awarding early adopters with their very own cryptocurrency: Compcoin (COCO). If you want to be one of the first people to own COCO and solidify your network through blockchain, you’ll want to take a closer look.

Promotion Rules

  • The COCO promotion begins at 12:01 a.m on March 1, 2019.
  • The COCO promotion is awarded to the first 50,000 people who enroll and then sponsor 3 people in Compchain.
  • In order to receive the COCO and Nui rewards, you must complete the KYC process. KYC costs $15 in COCO. You can purchase COCO in your dashboard once you become a member.

For more details on the Compcoin promo and how you can get started, check out these new resources:

This is Just the Beginning

Don’t look back and wonder what could have been. Take your chance to claim your COCO, and get in NOW before this revolutionary technology changes the world!

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