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By April 18, 2018CORE, Tips

3 Simple Things to Do Daily in CORE

One of the great things about CORE is the multiple ways you can earn points. Take a look at three ways you can earn points every day in CORE:


Did you know you can earn points by watching video trailers, ads, demos, and more? With new videos added daily, it’s an easy way to earn points in your spare time.

Tips for Success:

  1. Watch All Videos Provided: Most video offers include a set of videos. You must watch all the video clips in each set to earn your points.
  2. Don’t Stop Too Early: Exiting or switching to another webpage will stop your video. If a video is stopped or closed, you’ll have to start over to earn your points.
  3. Use Multiple Devices: Some CORE partners allow you to view video offers on up to three devices at a time.


Earn points by playing games or downloading new apps. App offers are a great and simple way to earn points daily.

Tips for Success:

  1. Switch to Your Mobile Device: Most CORE app offers require you to complete an app offer through a specific device (Android, iPhone, or iPad.) If you try to complete an app offer from your desktop computer, you will be redirected to a different website.
  2. Follow the Directions: Some app offers require you to complete a variety of steps. For example, “Download app, open app, & play to level 6.”  Other offers may require you to create an account or share your results.
  3. More Apps, More Points: Apps may be available on more than one device. This gives you the chance to earn double or triple the points!


Businesses are looking for customer feedback and are willing to reward you for your opinion. Our survey partners collect extra data in screening questionnaires in order to increase your qualification and offer new surveys every day.

Tips for Success:

  1. Disable Your Pop-up Blocker: Pop-up blockers prevent surveys from loading so make sure to disable yours for
  2. Always Be Honest: Each answer you provide is evaluated by market specialists and AI technology. Surveys will redirect or terminate your survey for invalid information. You must be able to complete an entire survey to get your CORE points.
  3. Some Surveys Won’t Work for You: Because each survey has a target demographic, you won’t be able to complete every survey. But, our survey partners will continue to redirect you to new survey options so don’t give up!

With so many great videos, apps, and surveys available with a click of a button, login to your CORE account and start earning today!

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