Top 10 Commonly Asked CORE Questions

By April 23, 2018CORE, Tips

#1. What do I do if my points don’t show up?

If the offers you complete are not credited, complete this checklist first:

  1. I have completed the offer as instructed.
  2. I have waited the recommended time (up to 24 hours) for my points to post to the User Reports.
  3. I have looked for my points in User Reports and in my back office dashboard.

After completing this checklist and your points have still not been added to the back office, please contact Support and we can get you back on the right track!

#2. What do I do if a survey kicks me out?

All survey companies offer surveys that are tailored to a specific demographic. Unfortunately, you may not fit the demographic they are looking for, and you may be kicked out of the survey. We suggest moving on to another survey.

#3. Where do I see my points?

You can see your points in your User Reports. This can be found in the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner on the CORE page. Here you can see both the points that are credited and all of your action history.

#4. If I cannot qualify for a survey, and I am redirected, will I earn points for the new survey?

Some survey companies may redirect you to another survey. If you are redirected, you are given a chance to qualify and complete a new survey that can credit you the same amount of points. The process of redirection is the ad agency trying to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to earn points.

#5. Does the available content vary/change for each affiliate?

Content can vary. Our system works to continuously adapt and bring you offers and surveys that you fit, like, prefer, and click on the most often. Although, regular offers, found on the offer tab, are typically offered to all members.

#6. Why aren’t my videos giving me points?

There are a couple of reasons videos may not be completing the process necessary to earn you points:

  1. If your location services are not enabled, content may not be able to load properly in your area.
  2. If you have an ad-blocker this will block the ads between videos.
  3. Make sure you have a secure internet connect. Your connection will ensure loadable ads.
  4. There may not be enough available videos to play for the full 14 minute required to earn points.
  5. You can wait for more videos to play, or you can try another offer.

#7. How long will my points take to credit?

Points will update to your User Reports within 24 hours of completion. Once your points have been awarded to your User Reports as credited, they will automatically be transferred to your back office dashboard.

#8. What do I do if an offer wall has given my computer a virus?

If you have received a virus on your computer from an offer, we suggest you clear your cookies, and please send in a ticket explaining the offer or the offer wall the virus came from.

#9. If I see an offer twice, can I complete them both?

Sometimes. If you have already completed an offer from one of our offer tabs (Surveys, Offers, Apps, & Videos), you will not be able to complete it again on our feature offer page. However, you might be able to complete an offer more than once if it is found on one or more of our Offer Walls. If you click on an offer that you have already completed and you can’t complete it again, you will be redirected to another website, survey, or to a page that says, “You have already completed this offer.”

#10. Is there an expiration time for offers? 

Surveys typically have a time limit. If you do not spend close to the suggested time on the survey, you may be kicked out of the survey and will be unable to receive points. Surveys will also time out if you take too long, usually more than 30-40 minutes exceeding the recommended time.

Each offer wall may have an expiration time on downloaded apps. This time limit will be explained in the offer description. We suggest setting aside time when downloading apps to open the app as soon as the download is complete.


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