The Year of Coin Collecting

By January 9, 2019Uncategorized

What’s the best way to win at cryptocurrency? According to our experts: “Mine multiple coins.” That’s why Nui is making 2019 the year of Coin Collecting, giving anyone the chance to collect crypto coins at a low cost!

Collecting coins is the quickest way to gain advantage in the cryptocurrency space. No matter what the value per coin is at any given time, those who have more coins will be on more solid footing.

Get in With a Gig!

So you’re ready to start coin collecting. Where do you begin? Gigahash (GH) contracts make mining simple, allowing any user to start collecting at a low cost. For just $50, you can purchase your first ‘Gig’ to begin a coin collection of your own.

Kala is the first Gigahash contract to drop, making mining accessible at a fraction of the typical cost. While Kala will always be at the center of Coin Collecting within Nui, keep your eyes out for new ‘Gigs’ dropping in the months to come! Anytime a new Gigahash contract opens up, that’s one more chance to add a new coin to your collection, and continue building your coin supply.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Want to know the best part about being a Coin Collector? You’re in complete control. From the day you start mining, coin collecting gives you the freedom to:

  • Decide which coins you’d like to mine
  • Store your coins in your own crypto wallet
  • Decide what to do with your coins long term
  • Stop mining whenever you choose

With this freedom, you can create a coin collection that’s truly your own!

How Do I Start Earning?

From the moment you purchase your first Gigahash contract, you can expect to start mining within two business days. But what you also gain is the chance to earn commissions! Share the message of Coin Collecting with others and earn from any Gig they buy. Then, for every additional coin that hits the table, enjoy new opportunities to watch your commissions grow.

3 Steps to Get Started

Your path to a coin collection starts with Kala in just a few simple steps. Are you ready to jump in?

Step 1: Register for FREE, and open a Kala Wallet – You only have until February 1 before membership prices go up!

Step 2: Purchase a $50-$1,000 Gigahash Contract to become Active

Step 3: Save your Kala or Sell your Kala to your new members who want to join after Feb. 1

Then, continue to share to watch your commissions grow!

Forget everything you know buying cryptocurrency, because THIS is the year of the Coin Collector. Get in touch with your nearest Nui Member to learn more about this opportunity, and start building your coin collection today!