Tap Into Customer Power

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FACT: Not everyone who may be interested in Nui’s products wants to build a team. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for them here at Nui.

Nui Customers

Customers are an important foundation for any network marketing business, and Nui is no different. Anyone can join Nui as a free customer* and purchase Nui’s mining products: Kala GH or TH mining contracts and Kala mining rigs. Customers are here for the products – they don’t build teams or earn commissions. But YOU earn commissions on each customer purchase. It’s a win-win! They get Kala of their own and you get commissions.

Are you tapping into the power of customers? Consider those you know who might:

  • Be interested in a no-fuss way to play in cryptocurrency.
  • Want to mine crypto at a cost much lower than doing it on their own. Kala GH contracts start at $50.
  • See the vision of Kala and understand the value of building a coin through a comprehensive strategy and ecosystem. Unlike other flash in the pan cryptocoins, Kala’s multi-faceted approach focuses on establishing long-term value. (See Experts Agree Building Value Matters Most)
  • Want to dip their toes into Nui before jumping in and building their own team.

Customer Sign Up

It’s simple to become a Nui customer.

  1. Go to the Nui Enrollment page on Nui.social.
  2. Select Your Country
  3. Select the Customer Enrollment Pack
  4. Enter the Enroller ID and required personal and login information
  5. Purchase products through your new Mintage account or through the Nui back office

With Kala GH mining contracts starting as low as $50, more people than ever before can mine their own Kala, be part of the Kala community, and build your business! Combine regular customer commissions with the 4 TH contract promotion to earn more!

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