Earn Rewards for Sharing Your Opinion

While eating at a new restaurant or trying out a new pair of shoes, most people have something to say about it. “The food was good”, “The service was fantastic”, or “These shoes could use a little more support!” No matter what we do or use, we always have an opinion. CORE, powered by Symatri, provides marketing activities that allow you to share your opinion directly with business owners. Each time you complete a survey, test an app, etc, you earn points.

How CORE Works

Symatri partners with various businesses around the world to bring thousands of offers/activities to Nui members. We present offers accessible by phone or computer based on your personal interests, likes, and preferences. No high tech experience required! Simply choose an offer, complete each step, and you’ve earned points that can be used to purchase gift cards, discounted products, and more.

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New Benefit Coming Soon!

Wouldn’t it be great to earn money back every time you shop online? In the coming months, Symatri will add a Member Rewards program that gives members a kickback percentage when you shop through Symatri’s Retail Rewards portal. Basically, you get paid for shopping.

Purchase Quality Products at REACH Marketplace

REACH is an exclusive online marketplace! CORE members use points or Kala (starting Spring 2018), to purchase discounted iPads, cell phones, computer accessories, gift cards, Fitbits, and more. Symatri adds new products and services to REACH regularly