Making Blockchain Work for You

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing how people and businesses connect and we want you to be part of it. Through strategic partnerships, we aggregate products that educate members about today’s blockchain industry and provide opportunities to learn and earn with blockchain. Whether you are a blockchain beginner or a cryptocurrency novice, Nui has a product that will help you achieve the financial success you are looking for.

The Key to Understanding Blockchain

To help our members increase their blockchain understanding, we offer an extensive education series. Nui’s courses are comprehensive and complete, taking you from blockchain beginner to a crypto expert. You won’t find a simpler or more complete resource to understand how blockchain and cryptocurrency work. We’ve done the work for you! Our education series helps you gain the confidence to navigate today’s blockchain industry.

Compensation On Real Efforts

Designed to help members earn daily, CORE allows you to earn points that can soon be redeemed for Kala. From answering survey questions and watching videos to trying out a new product and downloading apps — CORE gives you the ability to earn Kala simply through your efforts.

Redeem and Achieve

REACH is a digital marketplace where CORE Members can redeem their earned points to purchase products, gift cards, services, etc. (Kala integration coming soon.)

The Most Accessible Cryptocurrency

Designed to be the people’s cryptocurrency, Kala is one of the most accessible crypto coins in the world. Members can earn through CORE, mine it through easy-to-use rigs, and spend it in our REACH marketplace (Kala integration coming soon). It’s never been easier to earn and use a reliable, trusted cryptocurrency.


As one of our most popular products, Mintage Mining puts the power of crypto mining into your hands. Giving you direct access to some of the world’s top crypto mining efforts, Mintage Mining provides multiple ways to mine, including rigs, hardware hosting, and more!


Take blockchain to the next level. Members can purchase pre-configured mining rigs that are easy to use and beginner friendly. No complicated parts and no experience required. We give you the tools and education necessary to optimize rig performance and earn!