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Blockchain technology is changing the way the world exchanges information, currency, contracts, and anything else of value. Even in these early stages, industries like banks & financial institutions, music, healthcare, insurance, real estate, and retail are adopting blockchain. Experts predict it could be bigger than the internet.

Join Nui and become part of the newest technological revolution and become part of the largest community of blockchain enthusiasts. Nui’s custom, easy-to-understand education tools will walk you from beginner to expert. We’re building blockchain and experiencing cryptocurrency from all angles. Whether you are new to blockchain or a cryptocurrency expert, Nui has a product that will help you achieve the financial success you are looking for.

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Why Nui Works

You’re in Charge: More Effort = More Money
Multiple Product Choices Mean You Decide What Works Best For You
Nui Education Helps You Learn, Do, and Teach
Team Building Opportunities – Earn More Based on Team Participation
Easy to Access by Phone or Computer
No Sales or Business Experience Required

Nui Membership Includes:


Compensation on Real Efforts allows users to earn points that can be exchanged for Kala in the near future. Never pay a dime for Kala. Simply earn it through your efforts.


Online where Kala can be redeemed for real goods and services. Reach gives Kala lasting, inherent value.


The most accessible cryptocurrency out there. Earn it. Mine it.


Mintage makes it simple to jump into crypto mining.


Taking blockchain to the next level. Pre-configured mining rigs help you mine in your own home.


Don’t get stuck on the sidelines, let us walk you through every part of blockchain. From networks to nodes, from rigs to hash power — we’ll take you from beginner to expert.

Nui: Blockchain Your Way

There are 5 different ways to join our network and benefit from blockchain.

FREE: Experience crypto for free. Earn through CORE and never spend a dime!

MEMBER: Pay a small fee for access to education and team building.

PRO: You’re serious about the opportunity and diving deeper into blockchain.

ELITE: Leaders who are ready to take full advantage of blockchain opportunities.

EXECUTIVE: The highest membership level. Not only do Executive members gain access to all products, but they become certified as Nui Blockchain Experts. In addition, we’ll provide future opportunities that will continue to accelerate your earning potential.

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