Nui Spotlight: Greg Scott

By June 11, 2019Uncategorized

Here at Nui we love to see the great things our members are out there doing. We have the best members on the planet and want to recognize them! Today we are spotlighting one of our Nui all stars: Greg Scott.

Greg’s Story

Greg is originally from Southern California and currently lives in Provo, Utah. He and his wife Julie are the proud parents of 11 children–8 girls in a row and then 3 boys. All but one of their children are now married.

In 1976, Greg started his “working” career. His first, and last, job was working in administration for a corporate health care company. After one year, he left that company to start his own businesses and never looked back. His last company was a corporate consulting business he started from scratch that grew to do business with 150 of the top corporations in Southern California and beyond. In 1995, Greg retired from the stress of working with large corporations and decided to look for the next big breakthrough in technology.

Greg says, “I had always been an avid learner. Over the years I had studied and researched just about everything you could imagine regarding freedom and money. I self-educated in international banking, central banking, global economies, international and national jurisdiction, taxation, Constitutional principles and God-endowed rights. My end goal: decentralized financial freedom.”

In early 2018, Greg heard about an intriguing concept: blockchain technology. He dove into research and studied everything about blockchain, Bitcoin, mining and other related information. He searched for local resources and discovered Nui and the Kala Blockchain–and found a home. “It was everything I had been searching for since I left my corporate business in 1995,” Greg says.

In Greg’s Own Words

What are you most excited about with Nui?

Greg: What excites me about this opportunity is that I foresee a future with the Kala Blockchain; a future of decentralized freedom in which I can play a major part to help and serve people all over the globe achieve the freedom from control that they deserve. I love the fact that the Kala administration works with us as their marketing arm to bring this distinct economic model to all mankind. There is nothing in my life thus far that physically compares to it! I AM EXCITED!!

How have you been able to see success?

Greg: Every day I do whatever I can to help push this philosophy forward. The people that now surround me are like-minded. I started with my own family, and then reached out. I have been successful in helping create methods and systems to help promulgate this message. It is wonderful to be able to associate and build relationships with some of the best people on earth. This is the most satisfying part of being a Nui member – building lasting relationships with wonderful people!”

What brief tidbit of advice would you give other Nui members?

Greg: Get as much education as you can about what’s going on here. This will offer more financial freedom than anything else I know, or have known. Don’t get discouraged at temporary setbacks. Be thankful for your blessings, look at the positive, and stay close to your leaders. Your life will be blessed.

Stay tuned for more spotlights of Nui members who are making a difference in their lives and the lives of others.