Mintage Updates: What Do They Mean for You?

By December 13, 2018Uncategorized

In light of the recent Kala Mining product launch, Mintage has made the announcement to no longer offer 3-year hash rate agreements, and discontinue shipping AntRouters.

Mintage’s changes are driven in an effort to “stay abreast of the often-changing crypto market so we can offer our members the best mining experience.”

So what do these changes mean for you?

For Members who Have Current 3-Year Agreements…

Your open three-year units will continue to operate and mine for the length of the agreement! However, you will not be able to repurchase any new three-year mining units. Instead, you can withdraw any units that become available as a result of your mining. Or, if you’d prefer, you may also use your mining results to purchase new coin contracts or products in Mintage.

How These Changes Affect Nui Status

In the past, purchasing 3-year mining units from Mintage Mining has been enough to qualify you for Active status in Nui. While this will not be available moving forward, current members will remain active for one year from the purchase of their last 3-year mining agreement.

In lieu of the 3-year contract, Nui members will now have the chance to become active for any month they pay a monthly service fee for Kala Mining products (Includes Kala GH mining contracts, 4 TH contracts, and Kala Rigs). Stay tuned for additional details on Active requirements coming soon!

Learn more about the updates to Mintage Mining over on the Mintage blog, and keep your eyes out for big announcements coming soon!