Maximize with Nui Enrollment Bonuses!

By July 27, 2018Uncategorized

Now that we’re live with new memberships, it’s important to understand all the different ways you have to earn!

To make earning a breeze, we’ve implemented new enrollment bonuses that help you collect commissions for every paid member you enroll! Unlike the previous Fast Track Bonus that required three people to join before paying out, the Nui enrollment bonus now pays an annual $30 commission for each and every person you personally enroll, whether you sign up one, two, or 100. Now that’s some impressive earning potential! This does not even include our new annual enrollment overrides, which pay an additional $30 up the TBS for each new member who joins. The opportunity is limitless!

Want to take advantage of our new and improved bonus and overrides? Here is what you’ll need to know:

  • Enrollment prices have changed from $125 to $150, with the addition of a $30 commission now paid directly to the enroller! These commissions are paid out as annual memberships are renewed.
  • These new annual commissions have replaced the Fast Track Bonus, and are a quick way to begin earning right from the start. The more people who join and get involved with the products, the more you have to gain!
  • Override bonuses will also be paid out for enrollment, with $30 paid up 10 tiers on the TBS (10% per tier)
  • Commissions can only be earned for members who purchase an annual membership (Member, Pro, Elite, and Executive levels)
  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of people you can enroll and earn commissions from!

There is a world of opportunity at your feet, and this is only the first piece! Take advantages of commissions you earn from team activity in CORE, Mintage Mining, and Kala Rig purchases to take your potential to the top.

Additional Improvements

Aside from enrollment bonus updates, the rest of the compensation plan remains the same, with the PEN, TBS, bonus and override commissions operating the same way.

To help you better share the Nui opportunity, we’ve made a few small improvements to our comp plan overview, which now includes:

  • Full details and pricing for our 5 new memberships
  • A breakdown of ways to earn points or commissions across various products
  • Updated instructions on how to become eligible for commissions
  • Nui terms and definitions to help you easily understand the compensation plan

Let this overview be your guide as you take on your 5 new membership options, and share with your teams. There are many unique ways to begin earning with Nui. Which path you take is up to you!

Download our updated PDF and get started today!