Make More Commissions Than a Car Salesman. Here’s How!

By August 23, 2018Uncategorized

Did you know some car salesmen make commissions as little as $150 per car? What if, with Nui, you could make even more by just selling a single product?

The Kala Rigs have quickly become one of the most lucrative opportunities in the Nui community, as one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn incredible commissions! With an exclusive price of $4,000 USD, the sale of one Kala Rig equals hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

Allow us to break it down. For every sale of a Kala Rig, the following commissions are paid out:

$250 Enroller Bonus (paid directly to the enroller)

$400 Override (paid up the tree 10 levels, 10% each level)

If we do the math, that leaves us with:

$250 Bonus + $40 Override = $290 Commissions!

That’s almost double the commission of our car salesman from before, for a single sale! Now imagine if you started selling 5… 10… or even more Kala rigs? With the Kala Rig opportunity, the sky is the limit.

Your Customer Base is About to Get Bigger

Kala Rigs are preparing to open up to Free Members soon, which means you as a Nui member have an even wider range of potential people to sell to! Have someone interested in a rig but not quite sure about Nui? Let them join for free and purchase their rig without committing to a paid membership plan! They get the rig, you get the commission, and they’re ready to upgrade whenever they please. It’s that simple.

Stay tuned for additional resources in the coming weeks that will help you share this opportunity with the world! Then, to make sure you receive your commissions, help your new team members log in through Mintage Mining to purchase a rig of their own.

With commissions like these, this chance is too sweet to pass up! Spread the word about Kala Rigs and claim your commissions today!