Kick Into Overdrive with our New CompChain Video!

By October 2, 2018Uncategorized

You’ve only got four more days to jump into CompChain before it opens to the masses, and we’ve got just the thing to help you finish strong. It’s time to kick into overdrive with our new CompChain Opportunity video! At last, you can share all the things you know and love about CompChain in a short, simple, shareable video made just for you! Follow these three simple steps to boost your momentum in the final days of Nui Exclusive enrollment.

Step 1: Share the Video

Not sure how to use a video to your advantage? We’ve got some ideas that might help!

  1. Share the link on your social media

  2. Play the video for prospective members to give a thorough description in just a few minutes

  3. Pass on the link to your downline to help them boost their building

  4. Educate yourself so you can confidently share face-to-face

  5. Share the video with existing members to remind them why CompChain is such an exciting product

Step 2: Share Your Link

Now that you’ve sparked some interest, you’ll need to share your invitation code with prospective members to help them get in. And remember, if you’re not into CompChain yet, you’ll need to get an invitation code for yourself! If you’re still waiting for your code, contact your upline for your invitation, so you can start sharing CompChain with the world!

Step 3: Share Additional CompChain Resources

Now that you’ve given your members the invitation, it’s time to support them with more resources! Help your team members learn how to sign up and maximize the CompChain opportunity by sharing our latest resources sent straight from the Nui blog:

The opportunities are endless! But you won’t have long. Let this video be the spark that you need to help your team jump into CompChain, and stake your claim on opportunities to come.

What are you waiting for?