Kala’s Newest Announcement + Huge Promotion!

By April 18, 2019Uncategorized

Kala just announced a huge initiative. You might want to sit down for this.

As the world learned through the recent crypto boom, real usage is what makes the difference between coins that last and coins that fold. In fact, utility is what actually brings value to the coin itself.

With that in mind, Kala has been working hard to not only build out uses for the Kala coin, but also finalize a use for its blockchain that will solve a real world problem and appeal to a wide audience. In doing so, a more solid foundation is created that will increase value and longevity.

The World’s First Content Attribution Blockchain!

Anyone who works in creative industries (music, photography, publishing, content writing, film, design, etc.) knows how challenging it is to protect their creative work. Piracy and plagiarism is rampant, especially with the internet. The whole industry has searched for solutions on how to claim and record ownership of not only a finished product, but works in progress.

That’s where Kala comes to the rescue. The Kala blockchain will be the world’s first exclusive Content Attribution Blockchain. Kala’s Proof of Creation provides a simple way for creators to claim, record and protect their content with unarguable blockchain evidence.

Proof of Creation offers a secure, inexpensive way to create a blockchain-based trail of records proving the existence, integrity, and ownership of a creative piece of work. This being only one of the many applications we’re pursuing for the Kala blockchain.

Already moving forward with their first partner, Kala will begin working with musicians and producers by offering Proof of Creation at a fraction of the price of traditional governmental registration. At such a low cost, it’s expected to attract tens of thousands within the first month.

Extra Commission & Kala Bonus!

In light of this new initiative, we’re running a celebratory promotion. For a limited time, we’re increasing commissions AND offering a Kala bonus on the sale and purchase of any 4 TH Kala mining contract. Here are the details:

For every 4 TH contract sold, receive:

  • $500 direct commission
  • $240 up the tree ten levels
  • That’s a total of $524 for every 4 TH contract sold

BUYERS: For every 4 TH contract purchased, receive:

  • 25,000 bonus Kala

Login to your Nui back office and click on Shop to purchase a Kala 4 TH mining contract and take advantage of this new promotion.

Don’t delay. Be part of something big and start mining today!