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UPDATE: The free membership promotion has been extended through March 1st.

We’re heading into the New Year with style… offering FREE Nui Memberships for a limited time! From now until January 31, 2019, new members can join for free, while still reaping the benefits of any paid membership!

With Kala integration soon coming through Nui Memberships and the launch of Kala Listings, a free membership is a perfect way to kickstart your growth and start building your Kala supply quickly, making now the perfect time to get in.

Perks for Free Members

Free members who join during this promotion will have all the same perks as any paid member, including the chance to earn commissions! To qualify for commissions, simply purchase any Kala Mining Product (starting as low as $50), and pay your monthly maintenance fees.*

In addition, free members will receive:

  • The ability to build teams of free customers and paid members
  • Commissions on any product purchases made in their downline
  • The chance to earn as much Kala as possible before the launch of Kala Listings, and prepare for Kala integration into Nui

*Kala Rig purchases will activate your account for one full year from the date of purchase

Prepare Yourself for the Kala Economy

While there are many immediate benefits to joining as a free member, the long-term play is where things get interesting.

At this close of this promo, Kala will be integrated into Nui Enrollment, making Kala the ONLY way to pay for Nui Memberships. As a leader with a growing Kala supply, this puts you in a very unique position, allowing you to sell your Kala to potential prospects to pay for their membership fees. In doing so, you not only boost your personal growth but contribute to the strength of the Kala Economy, making your Kala even more valuable than ever before.

To give you time to accumulate Kala, Nui has negotiated with Symatri to push the launch of Kala Listings off until after the close of this promo, giving you time to accumulate Kala and hit the ground running when the platform goes live.

For more information to share with your team, check out our list of Kala Resources, now available all in one place!

How to Join

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity in three simple steps:

  1. Share the Nui opportunity with anyone who has an interest in cryptocurrency or blockchain– or who has thought about joining before.
  2. Help them enroll in Nui before March 1, 2019, 11:59 p.m. to get their membership for free!
  3. Help your new member purchase a Kala mining product ASAP to become eligible for commissions. This is crucial– they won’t earn commissions until the first purchase is made! To purchase, guide your members to the Nui Back Office and click Shop to pick from our line of Kala Mining Products.

This promotion won’t last long, so bring in as many free members as possible and start building your commissions before the deadline.

Whether you want to build a team of free members, boost your commissions, or set yourself up for long-term success, NOW is the time to take action. Help your members get in by Jan. 31, 2019, 11:59 p.m. MST, and unlock your potential with Nui!

Note: Residents of Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Texas, or Washington are unable to join Nui Social at this time.

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