It’s Time For an Upgrade!

By September 17, 2018Uncategorized

It’s time for an upgrade! Did you know you can upgrade your Nui membership right in the back office? Now, with just the click of a button, you can take the leap to become a Member, Pro, Elite, or even an Executive member in your personal back office!

Perks of Upgrading

If you’ve settled into your current membership, you may not know what you’re missing! Brush up on the details of all our Nui memberships by reviewing the Nui Membership details, and find out what additional perks you could receive by taking your membership up a notch.

By choosing to upgrade, you could receive:

  • Increased access to Nui Education
  • Exclusive Executive Opportunities
  • The option to become blockchain certified
  • Access to the Kala Network with the purchase of your Kala Rig
  • Increased leadership attention
  • Increased status as a Nui Exec!

(To view these changes, you may need to refresh your system. To do so on Mac, hold command + shift + r.  For windows, hold Ctrl + F5.)

Another Way to Earn Customers and Commissions

Did you know Free Members can now purchase Kala Rigs for the very first time? This is huge news for both our free members and for you since it expands the audience you can sell to!

With the new Add-On feature in the back office, log in to purchase Kala Rigs or even Mintage Mining units on one simple page, making your Kala Rig purchase easy as 1-2-3.

Share “Kala Rigs… The Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For” with your new customer base to educate them on the many benefits of the Kala Rig, then help them log in to purchase a rig of their own with just a few clicks, and no membership fees attached! You can find your new Add-On items by clicking the Shop button in your back office, then simply add to cart.

Nui Enrollment Updates

In addition to our back office upgrades, the Nui enrollment process received a facelift! Walk your new members step by step through the enrollment process to take a look at our clean new look!

Please note that due to recent changes and improvements we’re working on for Nui enrollment, ACH is no longer an available payment option. We will provide updates as ACH becomes available to our Nui members once again!

How to Upgrade

If you’re ready to take your Nui membership to the next level, here’s what you’ll need to know:

  1. Log in to your back office and click on the Shop button
  2. From there, click on Membership Upgrades and select the membership you’d like to buy
  3. The pricing will reflect the difference between your current membership, and the price of your upgraded membership. You will only need to pay the difference!
  4. Once you’ve found your desired membership, click Add to Cart

Once you’re ready to check out, click the shopping cart in the top corner and you’re on your way!

NOTE: Keep in mind, at this time, payments are only accepted through cryptocurrency as we work toward more payment options in the future.

Give yourself the upgrade you deserve. Take your membership to the next level with Nui upgrades today!