Introducing 3 Ways to Mine Kala!

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Kala is taking the world by storm. Do you have yours?

If you missed the pre-sale of Kala last winter, your only chance to mine has been through the purchase of a Kala Mining Rig. Starting today, that’s about to change, with the introduction of the Kala Mining Product Line!

For the first time, there are now three different ways to mine Kala, with contracts starting as low as $50! With accessible price points and even more commission opportunities, there’s never been a better time to start mining.

Three Ways to Mine

Interested in mining your own Kala? Nui members have three options to choose from. All you have to do is pick what works best for you!

Option 1: Gigahash (GH) Mining Contracts

Gigahash mining contracts are a no-fuss way to mine and build your own Kala coin collection. Each contract has a specified hash rate, or mining power, that runs on top-of-the-line crypto mining hardware owned by Mintage Mining.

Once you purchase a contract of your own, Mintage handles it all– from the configuration and set up, to maintenance, and regular monitoring for optimal rig performance. All of this is taken care of as part of your monthly service fee! (Additional maintenance fees to cover electric and internet costs may apply)

With options starting as low as $50, the GH agreement has four unique levels that can fit into any budget. Find the option that works for you, with the ability to upgrade your hashpower at any time!

Gigahash (GH) Mining Contracts

$50 Contract

  • 50 GH Kala mining power
  • $15 monthly service fee

$100 Contract

  • 100 GH Kala mining power
  • $30 monthly service fee

$500 Contract

  • 500 GH Kala mining power
  • $30 monthly service fee
  • $12 additional monthly maintenance fee

$1,000 Contract

  • 1,000 GH Kala mining power
  • $30 monthly service fee
  • $27 additional monthly maintenance fee

Not only can you mine Kala of your own with a GH mining contract, but you can earn commissions as well! For each GH mining contract purchased by someone you refer, you receive 10% direct and 6% TBS commissions.

But that’s not all! You also have the chance to earn commissions on the monthly service fees from anyone you refer, and anyone they refer, up to 10 levels.

Option 2: 4 Terahash (TH) Mining Contract

Want the mining capacity of a Kala Rig but without the hassle? If so, this option is for you! The 4 TH Kala Mining Contract was created as an alternative way of mining, to not only give you the same average hash rate as the traditional Kala rig but also provide a more convenient mining experience!

This contract operates similarly to the GH contract, with all mining equipment owned and operated by Mintage Mining. No need to worry about the noise, cooling requirements, broken parts, internet connections, or spiked electricity bills that come with hosting in your home. All you’ll have to do is pay a monthly service fee, and watch your Kala coins build up.

  • 4 TH Kala Mining Power hosted by Mintage Mining
  • Enroller commission of $400
  • TBS commission of $250 paid up 10 levels
  • $115 monthly service fee
  • Activation within 48 hours after payment has been confirmed
  • The same incredible mining power of the traditional Kala mining rig, but without any hassle!

Option 3: The Kala Mining Rig

Kala enthusiasts who want to own and operate their own mining hardware can still purchase the 4 Terahash Kala Mining Rig. These are the traditional rigs you know and love, but now with even greater commissions!

The purchase of a Kala Rig includes the following:

  • A mining rig shipped to you to self-host in your own residence. (Offer only available in the United States. Additional shipping costs may apply.)
  • 4 TH of Kala mining power
  • New, AMPLIFIED commissions for every sale you make!
    • $400 commission to the direct enroller (A huge jump from the previous enroller commission of $250!)
    • $250 override commission paid up the tree (up to 10 levels)

Since the Kala Rig does not require monthly maintenance fees to operate from home, there are no monthly fee commissions.

Already own a Kala mining rig but want to switch? Contact the Mintage customer support portal to convert your rig to a 4 TH  mining contract instead! Keep in mind, you’ve already paid for your 4 TH rig. The only cost to switch to a Kala Mining Contract is shipping the rig back to Mintage.

Why Buy Now?

With all the buzz around Kala’s upcoming milestones, there’s never been a better time to buy Kala. Kala Listings is just a few weeks away from launch, which means you will soon have the chance to trade Kala for BTC for the very first time. The purchase of a mining product means you could have a few solid weeks to accumulate Kala before Kala Listings goes live!

How to Get Started

Nui Members are the first to be offered this exclusive opportunity, with first access to any Kala Mining Contracts up for grabs! Get started right away with our tutorial, How to Purchase New Kala Mining Products. Then, download and share the Kala Mining PDF to start claiming those commissions!

Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to mine in this revolutionary way.

Your Kala is waiting!

NOTE: Mining results are based on several factors, such as rig performance and total network hashpower. The mining hash power will fluctuate, so hash power is based on an average performance over time.  

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