How to Purchase With Trident (TDT)

By December 13, 2018Uncategorized

Have you heard of Trident? As one of the few cryptocurrencies that allow you to pay with a credit card, Trident (TDT) takes the confusion out of the purchase process– and is now available through Enrollment and the Nui Back Office!

To complete your purchase with Trident, complete the following steps.

1. Select the products or membership you’d like to buy, then proceed to checkout.

2. Select the Trident (TDT) Payment Option

3. Double check your order summary, then click ‘Place Your Order’.

4. Review your order total, as well as any additional transaction fees that may apply. Click ‘Continue’. This will redirect you to the Trident payment portal to complete your payment.

Please note: Separate Trident transaction fees will be applied to your cart during Trident check out.

5. Once you arrive at the Trident payment portal, you will notice the order total from your Nui shopping cart has been auto-filled, giving you the exact conversion into TDT. To prevent errors, you will be unable to make any edits to this total. If everything looks correct, click ‘Add to Cart’.

6. Review the items in your order, as well as the addition of a small Trident service fee, then click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.

7. You must now review and sign your payment agreement. Please read this information carefully before digitally signing below. Once you’ve signed and marked any appropriate fields, click ‘Agree and Sign’.

8. Complete the billing details for your order. If you’d like to save your information for faster checkout on future purchases, click the ‘Create an Account’ box at the bottom of the page.

9. Once your information looks correct, agree to the terms and conditions and select your desired payment method. You can purchase your Trident cryptocurrency using Credit Card, PayPal, Direct Transfer, or other forms of cryptocurrency if you’d prefer (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash).

For PayPal Customers: If you plan to use a card linked to an existing PayPal account, please log in to PayPal before completing your purchase. Errors have occurred when trying to use a card linked to a PayPal account without logging in.

10. Once your order has been completed, Trident will automatically send your purchased Trident to the Nui Wallet Address, and your order is complete! You will receive a Trident confirmation email, as well as a Nui Welcome email after the completion of your order.

If you purchased a Kala Mining contract, it will appear in your Mintage Account and begin mining within 2 business days.

Take advantage of the Trident Payment method now in your back office!


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