Get to Know Your Team: Viewing Your PEN

By February 6, 2018Tips, Tutorials

Get to Know Your Team: Part 1

Viewing Your PEN


Welcome to part 1 of our back office tutorials all about team building! Today we’ll be teaching you all about how to view and understand your PEN. Before you get started, we recommend reading over our list of Nui terms, to give you a head start as you explore the back office.

To help you truly understand your PEN, let’s take a closer look at the most important elements of the Nui team building structure!

Understanding the Nui TBS Matrix

While building your Nui team, there are two important components to understand: your Team Building Structure (TBS) and your Personal Enrollment Network (PEN).

The Nui TBS is comprised of a 3×10 matrix. As new members are enrolled in your TBS, they are automatically positioned in the matrix beneath you, giving you the opportunity to earn commissions from their activity.

Each member you personally enroll (up to 10) becomes part of your PEN, and unlocks an additional tier for you to earn from. Your PEN members are then placed into the top 10 positions in your tree, putting them into prime position to start building teams of their own!

From there, any commission earned by your downline will be divided into 10 and paid up 10 levels, giving you a portion of the payout!

Our Recommendation?

To help you truly maximize your earnings, we recommend following three simple steps:

  1. Become Active (Making you eligible to earn commissions)
  2. Help Your Team Get Active (Unlocking you tiers)
  3. Keep up with your TBS in the back office!

The Back Office has been designed to help you chart your TBS, view your commissions, and maintain your team.

That’s where we come in! Each tutorial released this week will focus on a different piece of the back office, to help you get a handle on your team building!

Today’s topic? Viewing your PEN. Let’s dive in!


Viewing Your PEN

View the Members in Your PEN

  • Begin by logging into the back office.
  • Click on the Organization tab, and then select Personally Enrolled Team from the drop-down menu.

  • You will then be able to view the members of your PEN, and can use the column categories to filter by first name, last name, start date, or even their affiliate ID.

Check if your PEN Members are Active

While the back office does not yet allow users to check the status of their entire downline, you can view the status of your PEN members at any time.

  • Click the Organization tab, then click Personally Enrolled Team.
  • Once your list appears, you can check the status of any member by selecting the small gray icon to the left of the ID column.

  • From there, a Customer Details pop up will appear.
  • Scroll down to the Volumes section to view different volumes and statuses, then find the word Active at the bottom of the list.
  • Check the corresponding number on the right-hand side of the Active line. If the number is listed as a 1, this person is Active. If there is a 0 in this field, the member is inactive.
  • If they are not listed as Active (meaning they have a 0 in their Active field), use their email address or phone number in the Contact Information field to reach out and encourage them to become Active!

How to Check the Tier-Qualification of Your PEN Members

View the tier qualification of each member in your PEN to see if they’re near their fast track bonus, or need an extra boost to reach 10-tiers.

Click on the Organization tab, then select Personal Enrollment Team.

Check the tier-qualification column to view the qualification of each member in your PEN.

Reach Out to Members in your PEN

  • Click the Organization tab, then click Personally Enrolled Team.
  • Once your list appears, you can check the status of any member by selecting the small gray icon to the left of the Member ID column.
  • A Customer Details page will then appear, where you can find the email address and contact information for your PEN members.
  • Reach out to members in your PEN to help them stay Active, provide them with resources, and answer any questions they may have!


Take a chance to explore your back office and take a look at your PEN to see who is active, or who could use a little extra love! Your PEN will be your core group of members as you continue to build your team, so make sure you’re nurturing your relationship with each PEN member, to help them become the best they can be.

Want more tips and tutorials for managing your team in the back office? Tune in tomorrow to learn all about Navigating your TBS, and how you can search for members in your online matrix.

For now, like us on Facebook for content you can share with your PEN right away! Remember, team building is driven by YOU. What are you waiting for? Get started now, and we’ll see you tomorrow.