Get to Know Your Team: Navigating Your TBS

By February 7, 2018Tips, Tutorials

Get to Know Your Team: Part 2

Navigating Your TBS


Did you catch our back office PEN tutorial yesterday? We’re back again with part two of our “Get to Know Your Team” series, teaching you how to Navigate your TBS/Matrix in the back office!

We know that this can seem like a complicated part of the back office. That’s why we’re here to teach you how to use your Matrix to your advantage, to keep track of your downline, and maximize your results!

Catch up with our Get to Know Your Team post here, along with part one of the series all about your PEN, then dive in below!

Navigating Your TBS

There are a lot of tools for keeping track of your downline in the Nui TBS. Do you know how to access them all? Scroll or click below to learn how!

View Your Matrix

  • Open up your back office and click on the Organization tab, then Matrix TBS Viewer.
  • Your tree viewer will appear in the left-hand column and gives a visual representation of your matrix (also called your tree).

  • Use your tree to see who is directly below you, and where your members fall in your downline.
  • While the tree will only display three tiers down at a time, you can view tiers further down by clicking on any member in your downline, which will open up their next three tiers.
  • By clicking on a member in your matrix, their name, Member ID number, and information will appear in the Customer Details field with a click of a button.

  • Use the key at the bottom of the map to determine which members have been personally enrolled and if any hold a different rank.


Search for Members of Your Downline

Did you know that you can search for members in your matrix? If you have someone specific you’d like to search for, you can find members of your downline by using the search bar in the right-hand column.

  • To search, simply enter the first name, last name, or affiliate ID of the member you’d like to search for, then click the small magnifying glass icon to search.
  • Your search results will then appear right below the search bar, displaying the member’s name and ID number.

If you have trouble finding a member, try searching just by their first name, or just their last, and double check spelling to make sure you’re looking for the right person. A Matrix with many affiliates can also take a few seconds to load, so be patient if results don’t always appear right away!

View the Upline of Members in your TBS

If you want to know who a member’s sponsor is (the person they are positioned below in the TBS), you can use the upline viewer to check.

  • Search for the member you’re looking for in the search bar, or locate them in your matrix.
  • Select their name, and their information will auto-populate the upline viewer area to the right.
  • Use the upline viewer to see who they are positioned beneath, as well as to gauge who can receive commissions on that particular member. (Commissions are paid up 10 levels within the TBS matrix.)

Locate the Account Number of Members in your TBS

There are many different ways to locate the account number of a member of your TBS.

Search Bar:

  • To try searching for a member specifically, open up your Matrix/TBS Viewer and enter their first or last name into the search bar in the right-hand column.
  • When your search results appear, they will display the first and last name of the member, along with their Member ID.

View your Member list:

  • Click on the Organization tab and then Downline Ranks to view a full list of the members in your TBS.
  • Click on the small icons next to Member ID, first name, last name, etc. to sort or search within the list.
  • Locate the name of the member you’re looking for, and you will find their Member ID.

How to View the Rank of Your Members in Your TBS

  • Click on the Organization tab and then Downline Ranks to view a full list of the members in your TBS.
  • Click on the small icons next to member ID, first name, last name, etc. to sort or search within the list.
  • You can view the rank or tier-qualification of each member by viewing their status in the Rank and Tier-Qualification columns.

The Rank of Nui Affiliate means that a member is Commissions Qualified, meaning they are Active, and have at least one person in their downline. Most other ranks are based on the volume of CORE points earned.



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