Compchain FAQs

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Nui’s newest blockchain opportunity is here and we want to help you make the most of it! Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions and answers to help you take on Compchain with ease:

What is CompChain?

Compchain is a company separate from Nui that gives members a place to safely and securely store their personal networks, like LinkedIn or Google. But unlike LinkedIn or Google, for the first time ever networks will be stored using revolutionary blockchain technology.

What am I getting by joining Compchain?

By joining Compchain you are validating your identity and will gain full access to the Compchain software. You are also securing the option to participate in future Compchain products/opportunities.

What are the benefits of CompChain?

Compchain combines the transparency of blockchain technology with the power of a personal network. Compchain’s revolutionary platform gives you the opportunity to own and manage your own personal blockchain network. When you register for Compchain, you are permanently placed in the blockchain network and are given an invitation link. Every person that you invite is  added in your personal network, and every registration, sale, and commission is recorded on Compchain’s immutable blockchain. To learn about other Compchain benefits, check out our recent article, Welcome to Compchain.

What is the advantage of Nui coming in first?

As Compchain’s first official partner, Nui members have the exclusive chance to get in early before Compchain continues to spread worldwide. Build your frontline on Compchain’s unilevel structure to an infinite width and up to 10 tiers deep, then lock it in for life with unalterable blockchain technology. From there, sit back as Compchain continues to evolve and offer new opportunities to you as one of its earliest adopters.

How can I get into Compchain?

At this time, Compchain is running a promotion offering their new cryptocurrency, Compcoin (COCO), to the next 50,000 members to join. Members who would like to join during this exclusive promotion period will need an invitation from an existing Compchain member, and will be added as a permanent part of the blockchain ledger. For more details on the Compcoin promo and how to join, please refer to our recent blogpost, Compchain Promo: It’s Time to Jump Back in.

Will Compchain replace the TBS?

No. Compchain’s network structure is completely separate from Nui. Nui’s TBS structure will continue operating as it is currently defined.

How do I join Compchain?

Get an invitation code from your upline leader and follow the steps outlined in our Compchain Promotion Tutorial.

What happens if I don’t have an invitation code?

Contact your upline to get an invitation code. If you need assistance in finding contact information for your active upline, please contact customer support HERE.

Who can I invite to join CompChain?

You can invite anyone to join Compchain with your personal invitation code, whether they are a Nui member or not. Compchain appeals to anyone who has a business through networking with others.

What is the KYC process and do I have to do it?

All members must be KYC (Know Your Customer) verified before they are eligible to earn rewards in Compchain. The Compchain KYC process is handled through a third party, IdentityMind. The required documentation will vary from country to country, but usually involves at least two forms of identification. KYC verification costs $15 worth of COCO, which can be purchased through your Compchain dashboard once you’re logged in. 

If you need assistance completing your KYC, you can send an email to

Are there payment requirements to become a CompChain member?

Yes. Joining Compchain requires a one-time fee of $1 worth of Compcoin (COCO). This fee will be paid by your sponsor. To join, you must contact your Compchain enroller who will pay the Compchain sponsorship fee for you.

How do I earn with CompChain?

During the current Compcoin promo, Compchain members have the chance to earn Compcoin of their own.

  • Earn $3 worth of Compcoin when you sign up, then use that to help your first three people sign up
  • Once you enroll 3 members beneath you, you’ll earn $15 worth of  Compcoin
  • Help your 3 members each enroll 3 more (now equalling 12 people), and you’ll earn another $15 worth of Compcoin

Nui members also have the chance to continue earning once they’ve solidified their first 12 members. Earn an additional $0.25 worth of Compcoin for each person enrolled in your downline (up to 10 levels). As Compchain adds future partnerships and offerings, your earning potential will continue to grow.

DON’T FORGET: You and your members must all have successfully KYC’d before you can qualify for commissions!

How are referral rewards paid?

Compchain referral rewards will be deposited in your Compchain dashboard. Because you own your network, you will need to accept payments. Payments are paid out in Compcoin, which will appear as deposits into your Compcoin wallet.

Compchain rewards will be paid beginning Friday, March 19, 2019, and will continue every Friday after that.

How Do I Manage My Network?

Your Compchain dashboard will give you access to your network and payment information, along with the ability to invite others. Other exciting features are in development and will be coming in the future.

Does my sponsor have to pay the COCO for me to join?

Yes. As part of Compchain enrollment, each new member must be ‘gifted’ $1 worth of COCO from their sponsor. When you sign up, your sponsor (enroller) will receive a notification that they need to provide the COCO for your sponsorship fee.

Where else can I purchase COCO?

Once you’re enrolled in Compchain, you can purchase additional COCO through your Compchain dashboard.

What kind of opportunities can I expect through Compchain in the future?

At this time, we are talking with many different vendors who want to bring their products and offerings to Compchain. Once your network has been solidified, you have first access to any products that become available through the platform, the exclusive opportunity to share them with your network, and the opportunity to earn from your network’s participation.

To learn more about Compchain, visit our recent articles:

Take your chance to be one of the first to earn Compcoin, and solidify your network through Compchain!