Fast Track Bonus Ends in 12 Days–Get Going!

By January 19, 2018Getting Started

Fast Track Bonus Ends Soon!

To kick-off 2018 strong, we opened up our Fast Track Bonus to all Nui members! For only 12 more days, the fast track bonus is available for everyone to earn, whether you just signed up or have been around from the beginning.

Act fast if you want to participate. After January 31st, the Fast Track Bonus will only be available for new sign ups!

Want to take advantage of our team building offer?  Here’s how it works:


Enrolling 3 NEW members that purchase the product suite by January 31, 2018, earns you $125, but the bonus payments don’t stop there.



The more tiers you unlock, the more you earn! Earn an additional $5 for every new subscription in your TBS on unlocked tiers.

For example, if you have 3 personally enrolled members then you will earn $5 for every new subscription on tiers 1-3 in your TBS. The opportunities for earning are endless!

Make January a month of team building! For more information, check out our Fast Track Bonus Plan PDF, or find it stored in your back office. Act now!


Note: There is no time limit on the $5 bonus. Plus, Fast Track earnings are paid weekly. Bonuses are tracked and recorded from 12 am Tuesday until the following Monday at 11:59 pm. The bonus is then paid out two Fridays following that period. For example, a bonus earned on Tue. Jan. 9th, 2018 would be paid out Friday Jan 26th.