Closeup on Kala Mining Commissions

By December 4, 2018Uncategorized

The Kala Mining Product Line has quickly become the easiest way to get your hands on Kala! But with 3 unique ways to mine, and new opportunities for monthly commissions, Kala isn’t the only thing you’ll be earning this year– how do some monthly commissions sound?

To help you make the most of the new Kala Mining Products, let’s take a deeper look into all the ways you to earn through the Kala Mining Opportunity!

How to Earn With Kala Mining

With new Kala Mining contracts starting as low as $50, it’s never been easier to start mining. Plus, with Kala mining still in its early phases, and a limited number of people on the mining network, the Kala you mine can add up quickly! But even with coin collecting aside, there are new, incredible ways to capitalize on Kala Mining commissions:

Amplified Purchase Commissions

To match the hype of the new mining products, we’re taking things up a notch, offering increased commissions no matter how you mine!

  • Enroller commission: 10% of purchase price
  • Team commissions (up to 10 levels): 6% of purchase price

For each sale of a Kala mining rig or 4 TH Mining Contract, you can earn: Enroller commission: $400

  • Team commission (up to 10 levels): $240 up to 10 levels

This is a big jump from the previous direct commission of only $250, allowing you to get more bang for your buck on EVERY product you sell!

Monthly Commissions

In addition to commissions for each purchase, Kala Mining Products also offer the chance to earn regular monthly commissions!

  • Enroller commission: $2.50 (for $50 contracts) or $5 (for contracts $100 and up)
  • Team commissions (up 10 levels): $0.50 ($50 contracts) or $1.00 (for contracts $100 and up)

That means that as your team grows and gets more involved, your earnings can really add up! Plus, who wouldn’t love another source of monthly income? Sign us up!

How to Start Sharing

Your commission opportunities grow with every product you sell, so spread the word far and wide to boost the strength of your personal Kala network!

To share, download the Kala Mining PDF to pass along to your teams. Once your members are ready to buy, help them walk step-by-step through our How to Purchase Mining Products tutorial, and let those commissions soar! If your team needs more convincing, help them learn more about Kala and the Kala Mining Opportunity with these great resources:

Kala commissions are calling your name. Download the Kala Mining PDF to start claiming your share today!