ATTN: Important Clarifications for Nui Members

By March 11, 2019Uncategorized

We are excited for the progress of Nui as we navigate and forge a path through the ever-changing blockchain space. Recently, some things have come to our attention that necessitate clarification for our members.

The Digital Vault Is Not Associated with Nui

You may have heard talk about something called The Digital Vault. Some are alluding that Nui is part of the project. We want to make it very clear that Nui is not associated in any way with the Digital Vault. It has never been one of our initiatives, and therefore we have no insight, visibility, or influence on it. Neither Nui corporate, nor Darren Olayan (CEO), Reid Tanaka (President), Jim Pare or Casey Combden (Keystone Leaders) are affiliated with or endorse the Digital Vault.

If members wish to share information personally about the Digital Vault, they must not use any Nui-affiliated channels. Any posts on social media groups, pages, etc. that bear the Nui name or in any way imply that the Digital Vault is involved with Nui will be considered a compliance violation and subject to corporate action.

What Compchain’s Transparency and Permanence Mean for You

With over 1,500 people joining Compchain in the last two weeks, networkers are beginning to catch the vision of owning their own network through blockchain. Because this is a new horizon in the industry, there are some important things you need to be aware of:

  • Blockchain Is Transparent – This means that your Compchain network is visible and public. When someone enrolls under you, everyone can see it (not just your network). Compchain brings transparency and accountability to the entire industry.
  • Blockchain Is Permanent – When your network grows, that structure is permanent. It is sometimes typical in network marketing to move people around within a team structure. With blockchain, this is not possible.

These two blockchain characteristics have already brought to light some unethical practices as people build networks in Compchain. For example, one recruiter promised certain positions to others, and then failed to follow through on his word. With blockchain’s transparency and permanence, that breach of promise is public and visible to everyone who was involved.

Cross-recruiting: Don’t Do It

Compchain is not a network marketing company, therefore one person can be in several different networks. However, if you belong to a network marketing company like Nui, cross-recruiting is not allowed as stated in the terms and conditions. In fact, cross-recruiting within a company is illegal. If we find that any of our Nui Members are cross-recruiting, they will be subject to corporate action.

As you build your network in Compchain, we advise you to maintain the highest standards, with the understanding that everything you do is permanent and visible.

Keep these things in mind as you continue to push forward with Compchain’s COCO promotion.

Feel free to contact customer support with any questions.

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