5 Tips to Build Your Team Without Losing Friends

By March 27, 2018Getting Started, Tips

You did it! You’re a Nui Member. You’ve become more comfortable with how everything works, and now you want to grow your team…without being awkward about it. Talking to people can be nerve-wracking and hard to know where to start. Don’t fret! We have a few tips to help you get your feet on the ground and start running!

Easy Ways to Network Effortlessly

1. Be Genuine

It’s easy for anyone to see when someone is being disingenuous with them, even if it’s a close friend. On the flip side, how good does it feel when someone sincerely converses with you? You feel important and it easily builds trust.

When you approach someone, be genuine when asking about how they are and what their current needs are. The majority of people would love making extra money each month but don’t know how. You can easily relate to them by sharing your situation and how Nui is helping you gain more financial freedom. If they see that it’s less of a sales pitch and more of a friend reaching out, they’ll be much more open to listening and trying it out for themselves.

2. Cater to Your Crowd

Think about commercials that you’ve loved and someone else thought were annoying or vice versa. Not all people respond to the same marketing tactics. Getting to know people or knowing what inspires or gets them excited about a product will make a significant difference.

We’ve given you a handful of tools to succeed, but they may not work as a blanket approach. Identify talking points, facts, and products like Mintage and CORE that will resonate with the person you’re talking to. Trust us, your success rate will be much higher!

3. Know When to Drop It

The catch to being genuine is that no matter how sincere you are, people may just not be interested. That’s okay! Not everyone is going to want to join Nui and it’s not personal, so don’t get offended if someone isn’t jumping at the opportunity (their loss!). Be patient and understanding in their decision.

As great as Nui may be, your relationships with friends and family are more important! If they say “no,” be understanding and don’t push it on them. They may get curious later or they may not, but you did your part in asking!

4. Take Advantage of Social Media

Network marketers like you have a greater advantage over others those from 15 years ago. We have all of our contacts at our fingertips! Hundreds of people see what you post each day, so make it count.

We’re not suggesting you spam all your followers with 10 Nui posts a day but we are suggesting that you post about Nui when appropriate. Have a great experience? Learn something new? Did we post something shareable on our FB? Those are perfect times to share with friends! That way, you’re just sharing the exciting/important parts of being a Nui Member to get friends and family pumped.

5. Be Strategic

Above all, go forward with a strategy. Winging it or not fully understanding what the purpose of your message is will only lead to confusion for both parties. Be deliberate in what you say and do, whether it be in person or on social media. You never know whose attention you’ll catch.

Business owners become successful and well-respected because they have a plan and move forward confidently. They know when to pitch their business, even in the most subtle ways, and when not to. There may be situations where it’s best to not bring it up until the next time you speak with the person. Even if you made a plan, be willing to strategically change it when needed to cater to your audience, as mentioned before.

Network marketing can be tough and intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be! A little tact, sincerity, and social awareness go a long way when growing your team. Following these tips will help you not only succeed in team building but in relationship building, too. Be the leader you know you can be and build your team!