5 Reasons I Love Retail Rewards

By March 21, 2018CORE, Products, Tips

We recently announced Retail Rewards as part of the CORE platform and it has opened up a whole new world of shopping and earning for Members. Now, everyday shopping can earn you and me more! I can’t be the only one who enjoys getting any type of reward from purchases. Especially when it’s already on sale! Double win! If you’re still wondering what’s so great about Retail Rewards, I’ll tell you a few of my favorite reasons so you can see why I love it.

1. Be Rewarded for Shopping

I never thought the day would come when I’d be rewarded for shopping! Of course, there’s always excitement over a new outfit or house decor, but it’s even better receiving points in return. Each purchase I complete through Retail Rewards will give points back that I will be able to use in Reach, CORE’s online marketplace. Everyday purchases can eventually score me free stuff!
Points back are not confined to just splurge buys, but for car rentals, gift cards, children’s clothing, and more. It’s so nice knowing that I can run errands or plan a vacation through Retail Rewards while saving points for Reach items in the future!

 2. Easy to Use

Retail Rewards doesn’t just save me money, it also makes it easy to do! It’s incredibly convenient because I can download the app to my phone AND add the Chrome extension to my desktop browser. That way, I’m never missing a deal whether I’m on the go or lounging on the couch.
The app’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to manage it. All you have to do was sign-up, sign-in, and start shopping! Simply click on the store you want to shop through and that’s it. The Chrome extension even informs you with a pop-up if there’s a points-back opportunity on any site you browse. It’s completely seamless and easy to use and it does all the work for you! That’s what I call ideal.


 3. Online Stores Galore

One of my favorite things about Retail Rewards is how unlimited the store options feel. It’s not unknown stores that are available, it’s big-name retailers like Murad, Verizon Wireless, Bed Bath & Beyond, Backcountry, Target, and the list goes on.

Nearly every store I shop at regularly is offered on Retail Rewards, upping my earning potential for each purchase. Online shopping becomes that much more exciting (and with less guilt).



4. Get Kala with Points

Not only will I be able to redeem my points in Reach but I can also exchange them for Kala, Symatri’s cryptocurrency. It’s perfect for people who may not be too knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies or are nervous to get involved because Kala has inherent value in Reach, which produces a sense of security.

Easily and effortlessly joining the cryptocurrency craze has provided me a way to try something I’ve been hesitant to do. I love that it’s essentially free points that I’m using, reducing my risk to dabble in cryptocurrency.



5. Reach Marketplace

While it’s not fully available yet, Reach gets me pumped to use Retail Rewards. The marketplace will offer products like iPhones, gift cards, Gopros, and more. Having desirable items to choose from makes Retail Rewards that much better.

Other similar programs only allow me to use my rewards on the site I got points back from. For example, if I shopped at Macy’s and got 3.4% points back, I would have to use that only at Macy’s the next time I shopped there.  Retail Rewards allows me to be able to spend my points on a variety of items and gift cards rather than just what a single retailer offers.

Retail Rewards is the full package that we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the Swiss Army knife of online shopping– it provides points back, an online marketplace, and a way to enter into the crypto world. What more could you want? Sign up today and get rewarded!

To get started with Retail Rewards click here for instructions!