12 Days of Commissions Start Now!

By December 6, 2018Uncategorized

We’re ringing in the Holiday season with 12 Days of Commissions! From now until December 18th, we’re amplifying Kala Mining commissions yet again, giving you more for every 4 TH Mining contract or Kala Rig you sell.

If you could use a little extra cash over the holidays, listen up! Your 12 days of commissions start now…

Enjoy Some Holiday Dough

For every 4 TH Mining Contract or Kala Rig you sell, you’ll earn:

  • $400 direct enroller commission
  • $400 team commission paid up 10 levels (10% per level)

That’s $440 for EVERY sale you make! Now imagine if you could contribute to 5, 10, or even 15 more purchases– that’s a lot of extra dough! With more potential to earn from your team, the commission opportunities are endless.

Tips to Seal the Deal

If you’re ready to take your Kala mining sales into overdrive, allow us to offer a few tips for getting your commissions rolling!

1. Download and share the Kala Mining PDF– now available in English and Spanish!

The more your team knows about the Kala Mining opportunity, the more eager they’ll be to get involved! For those who want to learn more about Kala Mining products in general, start with our recent article Introducing 3 Ways to Mine Kala.

2. Educate your team on the potential of Kala

With Kala Listings right around the corner, there’s never been a more exciting time to step into the Kala Opportunity! Help them see the light by sharing resources straight from the Kala Blog. Here are a few of our favorites we’d recommend:

With new ways to trade Kala right around the corner, the sooner your team starts the mine, the more Kala they’ll have to participate with when these new opportunities come to life!

3. Help your team members sign up with ease

Once your prospects are ready to purchase, walk them step-by-step through our How to Purchase New Coin Mining Contracts tutorial to make sign up a breeze! Remember, free members CAN purchase Kala Mining products, but will not be able to earn commissions of their own. So, if your team wants to earn future commissions through Kala, help them join Nui with the Nui Enrollment Tutorial before they make their first purchase!

Please note: All purchases must be made through the Nui Back Office or through Nui Enrollment to be eligible for the 12 Days of Commissions promotion. Any orders placed through Mintage Mining will not be eligible.

You’ve only got 12 days to claim your extra commissions before they’re gone. Make the most of your holiday season, and jump into Nui’s 12 Days of Commissions today!

Kala Mining 12 Days of Commissions Promotion Details

  • Promotion runs from Dec. 6, 7p.m. to Dec. 18, 11:59 p.m. MDT
  • All orders must be submitted and PAID FOR by Monday, Dec. 18 at 11:59 p.m. MDT to qualify for this promotion. Any orders not submitted or paid for on time will not qualify and will be subject to regular product pricing commissions.
  • Orders must be placed through the Nui Back Office or through Nui Enrollment to qualify. Any orders placed through Mintage Mining will not be eligible for the 12 Days of Commissions promotion
  • Free members are eligible to purchase Kala Mining products but are not eligible to earn commissions. However, direct enrollers who sign up free members are still eligible for enroller AND team commissions on any free member purchase.
  • Offer applies to 4 TH Mining Contracts and rigs only and does not include the new Gigahash (GH) Mining Contract.