10 Reasons Why NOW Is the Time to Get Into Nui

By January 7, 2019Uncategorized

Have you heard? For a limited time, anyone can join Nui and get started in blockchain and cryptocurrency for FREE. In fact, here are 10 reasons why it’s the perfect time to give Nui a try.

1. Nui Makes It Simple

Usually, the process of crypto mining involves purchasing, setting up, and running your own hardware, or joining a mining pool with complex requirements or high minimum purchases. With Nui, you don’t need specialized knowledge to get started. Our crypto experts watch the market and provide you with premium opportunities. Participating in offers is as simple as a few clicks.

2. Low Cost to Jump Into the Crypto Space

As cryptocurrency and blockchain have become buzzwords in recent years, many people are interested but unsure how to get involved. Nui allows you to dip your toes into the crypto space with a purchase as low as $50 (and a small monthly fee). That’s not much if you think about it. Statistics show that the average person spends app. $3/day on coffee; you can jump into the newest technological revolution for less than what you’d pay for a month of coffee–with much greater potential for reward than a cup o’ Joe.

3. Free Membership

Through March 1, 2019, new members can join for free and enjoy the benefits of any paid membership, including the chance to earn commissions and build teams. All it takes to qualify for commissions is a purchase of any Kala Mining Product (starting as low as $50), and paying the associated monthly fees.

4. More than One Way to Earn Commissions

It’s natural to want to share a good thing. With multiple ways to earn commissions from those you refer, and anyone they refer, Nui makes it worth your time to share and help others get involved.

  • Commissions on Purchases
    • Enroller commission: 10% of purchase price
    • Team commissions (up to 10 levels) : 6% of purchase price
  • Commissions on monthly service fees
    • Enroller commission: $2.50 (for $50 contracts) or $5 (for contracts $100 and up)
    • Team commissions (up to 10 levels): $0.50 ($50 contracts) or $1.00 (for contracts $100 and up)

For example: If someone you refer buys just one 4TH Kala mining contract, you would earn $424.

5. Double the Value

Not only can you earn commissions, but you are earning Kala–and other coins with future opportunities–through your own mining contracts. These coins have their own value that you can capitalize on.

6. Build Your Crypto Coin Collection

The way to win in cryptocurrency is to collect coins, and Nui helps you do just that. No matter what the value per coin is at any given time, those who have more coins will be on more solid footing. For example, if you…

  • Spend $50 to purchase 2,500 Kala (at $.02/Kala), then in a year you still have 2,500 coins whether the value goes up to $.05 or down to $.01
  • Spend $50 to purchase a 50 GH mining contract that gives you app 1,500 Kala/month*, in a year you could have 18,000 coins. Whether the value goes up or down, you are in a better position because you have more coins.

*For example purposes only. Mining results are dependent on many factors.

7. Earn the Highest Rewards with Kala Mining Contracts

Joining now gives you the chance to be one of the earliest Kala miners — earning at the highest rate. In addition, building your Kala supply sets you up perfectly for Kala integration into Nui memberships in March. At that point, new memberships can only be paid for with Kala, thus creating a huge demand for your supply. You’ll also have a head start for when Kala goes on the public exchange mid-2019.

8. Future Opportunities

Nui is committed to searching out the best cryptocurrency and blockchain opportunities for our members. Whether that’s mining up-and-coming coins, special business partnerships, or new ways to use the coins our members already mine, as a Nui member you will have the first chance to leverage future opportunities.

9. Become an Expert with Nui’s Blockchain Education

Grow your knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology revolution. With a full education series to help you move from beginner to expert in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and crypto mining, Nui helps you every step of the way.

10. Blockchain Is On the Rise

Experts are predicting a good year ahead for blockchain. “Blockchain technology is set to enter a new era in 2019, with many industry experts expecting the technology to be more widely adopted by mainstream companies, charities and financial organizations. There are promising technological advances in other sectors that will allow blockchain to play a more prominent role in everyday life.”* With Nui, you will be at the forefront of this new technology.

Join Nui today to enjoy all these benefits and more.

But hurry! The Free Membership Promo only lasts until March 1st!